Cast Stone Freestanding Bath Tub 53" / 59"

Cast Stone Freestanding Bath Tub   53" x 53" x 20"

Cast Stone Freestanding Bath Tub   59" x 59" x 24"

Product Number:  ST-13  53"     Specification Sheet

Product Number:  ST-14  59"     Specification Sheet

*50% High Grade Resin  *50% Limestone  *Sourced From Around The World

** Limited Time Offer.  Add Up To (2) Matching Cast Stone Lavatory Sinks To Your Bath Tub Purchase For Just $574.00 each.

The particles are needle-like and when mixed with resin, the particles bond together to create an incredibly stong web.  Our material is expensive, roughly five times the cost of regular acrylic.  Over the past 10 years we have continually updated the process, improved the technique and kept the ingredients of our special material secret.

* Harder and more durable than regular acrylic  * As ridgid and strong as Cast-Iron  *Renewable surface  * Easy to clean and repair  *Faucet holes can be drilled on site (warrantied by the manufacture)  * Matt finish  * 28 year warranty.

Cast Stone Price:  53" Round  $4918.00   59" Round  $5203.00

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Add a matching Cast Stone Basin to this bath tub at a discounted price!

Pricing includes freight (47 states), no sales tax. 53" Weight 518 lbs.  59" Weight 558 lbs.  See store policy for additional details.  Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive.  Customer Service 800-989-5166 with questions or for phone orders.

Cast Stone Freestanding Bath Tub 53" Round
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Price $4,918.00