Copper Bath Tub BT-005 32" W Front Apron

Mix & Match 16 Patina Finishes To Create Amazingly Beautiful Copper Bath Tubs

Old World Copper Soaking Bath Tub. Our 12 Gauge Copper Bath Tubs Are Welded For Strength And Durability. Their Imperfections Are Artistic In Nature And Serve To Highlight Their Wonderful Charm And Character.  Each Copper Bath Tub Takes On A Life Of It's Own, As No Two Bath Tubs Are Ever The Same. If You Enbrace Originality, The Imperfect Being Perfect, You Will Love Our Old World Copper Bath Tubs.

  BT-005-32   Copper Bath Tub: Drop In W/Apron Front

Build To Any Size.  (3) Sizes & Copper Gauges Available

60" L x 32" W x 20" D / 66' L x 32" W x 20" D / 72" L x 32" W x 20" D

How To Design Your Custom Bath Tub:  1) Choose The Size (Odd Sizes Welcomed. We Build To Your Specifications). 2) Choose From 16 Patina Finishes 3) Surface Texture Finish (3) Choices Available. 4) Drain Location And Whether You Would Like An Overfill Hole Drilled. 5) Decide On The Rim Width. Exterior Bath Tub Measurements Remain The Same As Described, However, Interior Measurements Lessen Due To The Rim Width  6) Choose Gauge Of Copper; 12 Gauge, 14 Gauge, 16 Gauge. If Choosing 16 Gauge For The Bath Tub, The Apron Front Will Be Built With 14 Gauge Copper For Structural Strength. 7) Choose The Location For The Apron Skirt; Front Side, LH Side Or RH Side. Choose One Side, Two Sides Or All Three Sides.  8) Add A Design To The Apron Skirt Or Leave The Skirt Plain. 9) Add An Optional 1" Tile Flange.  Phone Orders Are Always Welcomed. 800-989-5166. We Provide Photographs Of Your Completed Copper Bath Tub For Approval.

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Design OptionsView Copper Tub Options Available

Add A Custom Design To The Front Of The BT-005 Apron Copper Bath Tub. AF-37 Design Shown In Old Penny. Optional 1" Tile Flange Added To LH Side / Back Side Of Bath Tub.  This Copper Bath Tub Has (2) Exposed Sides With An Apron Skirt Added.

We Offer (3) Gauges Of Copper.  We use 16 gauge copper when building Copper Sinks and Copper Shower Pans and this gauge works well for those products. 16 gauge Copper Bath Tubs change shape after a long period of use, because they lack the structural strength to maintain their original design.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you choose a heavy gauge Copper Bath Tub if you are looking for longevity for your product. If 14 or 12 gauge copper is not in your budget, we are happy to build a 16 gauge Copper Bath Tub to meet your price point. 16 gauge (lightest gauge). 14 gauge (medium gauge). 12 gauge (heaviest gauge). The lower the gauge the thicker the copper sheet.

Copper Product Sizing:  All Copper products are handmade. Please allow a tolerance of - / + 1".  Overall masurements are given as a reference.  Each product my differ slightly from the size listed. We recommend waiting for your products arrival, before constructing the adjacent area where your copper product will be installed.

Pricing includes FREE Freight (47) States, No Sales TaxStore Policy.  International Shipping available.  All Copper products drop ship from the manufacture directly to you!  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  All delivery times are estimated.

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BT-0005 Copper Bath Tub With Front Apron
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